Sponsorship is invited, in full or part towards the purchase of components for the locomotive and/or tenders. For guidance on which parts or activities can be supported, please read through the component list below or contact the Trust directly to discuss your requirements.

Each gift of £150 or greater can be recorded on our "Roll of Honour". 

In order to sponsor a component please click  Checkout


To nominate the component you wish to support please add description/part number from the table below in to the "I would like to leave the charity a message"  (140 CHARACTERS MAX.)


Component Sponsorship

 Component Value  Sponsor(s) Remarks
Phase 1      
 Frame profiling (B17 LRA-001)  £5k   Quotation
 Frame Machining *(B17 LRA-002)  £5k   Quotation
Gusset stays 4 - off £1.2k   Estimate
Phase 2      
Drag box (13193D) £8k   Estimate
Frame stay and vacuum brake support (16227D) £7k   Estimate
Phase 3      
Bogie top frame stay (A1 0-436)  £8k   Estimate
 Frame stay and motion bar lever bracket (13196D)  £12.1k   Quotation
 Frame stay, brake shaft and spring carrier (15841D)  £21.5k   Quotation
 Frame stay and spring hanger bracket for leading wheels (15919D)  £2.9k   Estimate 
Frame stay and spring bracket trailing wheel (15887D)  £5,1k   Quotation
 Frame stay front of firebox (16222D)  £3,7k   Quotation
Spring hangers 8 - off (15734D)  £7k   Quotation 
 General component      
Driven bolts for mainframe and frame stay assembly (B17 LRA 0007)  £10 each   Many will be required before assembly of mainframes and frame stays could start


Commercial/industrial suppliers and businesses providing skills, expertise and services at preferential rates directly associated with advancing the project can have their name(s) recorded on our Roll of Honour to acknowledge the generous contribution made.


Each gift of £150 or greater can be recorded on the "Roll of Honour" with the name of the individual or group for each chosen component/part or construction activity. Requests for anonymity can be accommodated.