Sponsorship is invited, in full or part towards the purchase of components for the locomotive and/or tenders. For guidance on which parts or activities can be supported, please read through the component list below or contact the Trust directly to discuss your requirements.

Each gift of £150 or greater can be recorded on our "Roll of Honour". 

In order to sponsor a component either please click  Checkout and nominate the component as instructed below. 

To nominate the component you wish to support please add description/part number from the table below in to the "I would like to leave the charity a message"  (140 CHARACTERS MAX.)

Or complete and return this Sponsorship Form and nominate the component(s) you wish to sponsor by description/part number. 

Component Sponsorship - Rolling Chassis

Converting the static mainframe to a rolling chassis will require a significant sum to procure the full set of components to be assembled into the three main axle sets. Each axle set will then be sequentially fitted into position under the frames. New sources of supply will be required, particularly where specialised manufacturing processes and parts are concerned compared with our previous requirements. Notwithstanding this, the capabilities of our existing suppliers and the cooperative relationships created will continue to be applicable in a number of areas. Fortunately, the design definition of these parts has been proven, derived from former LNER designs and, more recently, successfully used on Tornado.

At the moment, we are seeking sponsorship of the first two key components for the rolling chassis - these are the Cannonbox Assembly and the Coupled Axlebox Assembly (Leading).

Detailed costing of the components that make up these assemblies, complete with descriptions and CAD pictures are available for download in the attached .pdfs.

Cannonbox assembly - Cannonbox Pricing

Coupled Axlebox Assembly (leading) - Leading Axlebox Pricing


Technical improvements to the original cannon axle box design used on Tornado will be used on Spirit of Sandringham via a co-operative agreement with the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust. The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust wish to record their grateful thanks to the A1SLT Team for their kind help and support to the B17 project.



Please help fund the manufacture of each driving wheel at £10,000 each  

TARGET   £500 a spoke   (= £20 per inch)  SPOKES per wheel 20  WHEELS    6  DIAMETER 6' 8"

Your donation is invited to help fund the manufacture of each driving wheel as part of our objective to progressively build up the rolling chassis for the locomotive. The cost of each wheel will be £10,000 or £500 a spoke - equal to £20 per inch. So could you help put a spoke in the wheel for Spirit of Sandringham please? Your contribution and support for the project will be much appreciated. Contributions are welcome either from individuals or group syndicates.

If you wish to sponsor  wheels, (or part thereof), or any other rolling chassis component, please go to the top of this page to facilitate "Sponsorship" either electronically by the SPONSOR button or by printing off the form hyper linked "This Sponsorship Form"


Each driving wheel will be made of high quality cast steel from the same pattern used for Tornado. Loan of the pattern has been arranged via a co-operative agreement with the A1 Steam Trust.  The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust wish to record their grateful thanks to The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust for this demonstration of help and support to the Spirit of Sandringham project. Manufacture is planned to be at the Sheffield Plant of William Cook Cast Products Ltd. who have kindly agreed to support this project.

Commercial/industrial suppliers and businesses providing skills, expertise and services at preferential rates directly associated with advancing the project can have their name(s) recorded on our Roll of Honour to acknowledge the generous contribution made. 

Each gift of £150 or greater can be recorded on the "Roll of Honour" with the name of the individual or group for each chosen component/part or construction activity. Requests for anonymity can be accommodated.