Supporting The Project

How To Help

There are a number of ways in which you can choose to get involved with this exciting project. Whether you choose to make a charitable donation, offer sponsorship or volunteer your skills, your support will help make a real impact.

For more information on how to contribute to the project go to the relevent sub pages under "SUPPORTING THE PROJECT" button

    Financial Support : Details several options on how financial contributions can be made Financial Support

    Sponsorship : Guidance on key components required and how the purchase and manufacture can be sponsored to continue the locomotive build programme  Sponsorship

    Volunteering : Explains options on how you can give your time and/or skills supporting the project  Volunteering And Skills

You will find many of our members are local and national rail-themed events around the country; Fiddlers Green (built by Larry Sampson and his friend Roy) displays nationally, and are able to collect donations to the B17 Trust, or advise on our project progression - feel free to approach the Fiddlers Green stand at your next event.


Financial Support       Sponsorship     Volunteering And Skills